Dear customer!

We are pleased to announce that we have updated If Insurance’s health insurance with new and useful services: e-Doctor, If Mobile mobile app, and connectivity to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board’s employment register.

These services are available to all our health insurance customers and render use of If's health insurance even more convenient for both employees and employers.

Wait times for doctor's appointments have recently gotten even longer. Some do not want to spend hours in a day visiting a health center for an initial consultation. Others are reluctant to visit such centers at all during the current peak season for infectious diseases.

This is where e-Doctor comes in.
E-Doctor is If's new health insurance consultation service that enables you to contact a family nurse or doctor directly for quick help with various health concerns. E-Doctor's nurses and doctors are ready to lend a hand where a patient needs an initial consultation relating to, for example, colds or viruses, allergies, orthopedics, or skin diseases. Doctors can review a person's treatment history, make a treatment plan, and issue or renew prescriptions where necessary.

General practitioner Siivi Nella Liikane is one of e-Doctor's physicians who has worked in a medical center and consulted people via phone and video calls. She says, many issues can be resolved quickly with the help of telemedicine and a visit to a medical center is not always required at all.

“Our experience shows that nearly 80% of situations can be resolved on the phone. Of course, in some cases it is necessary to visit a medical center, for example for tests and examinations. E-Doctor can also help here - where analyzes or examinations are required, we refer the person to the right place and give them feedback on the results later. Where required, e-Doctor’s physicians refer a patient to a specialist and recommend a clinic where they can see a doctor quickly. We believe the e-Doctor service will help speed up treatment for many people and reduce the duration of illnesses,” explained Liikane.

Siivi Nella Liikane, General practitioner
Siivi Nella Liikane, General practitioner

To use the service, If's health insurance customers may call e-Doctor's doctors and nurses at (+372) 631 1900 every day (incl. weekends and public holidays) from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The price of one consultation call is 15 euros which amount will be deducted from the service user's outpatient treatment limit. E-Doctor’s doctors and nurses speak Estonian, English, and Russian.

If provides e-Doctor services in partnership with Viveo Health whose medical team has long-standing experience in the field of telemedicine.

In addition, we have made the use and administration of If's health insurance more convenient for both employees and employers.

For employees, we’ve created a new mobile application If Mobile. Fully functional as we speak, this app allows employees to view their own coverage package and file a claim for damages. We’ll be adding new options to the app very soon that will make using If’s health insurance even more convenient. For more information on the If Mobile app, click here.

We will be very grateful if you can share this information relating to e-Doctor and the If Mobile app with your employees. We also welcome everyone to use the mobile app and send us feedback and suggestions.

For employers, we’ve created a solution unique in Estonia: our health insurance service is now interfaced with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board's employment register. As a result, in relation to personnel movement, employers no longer need to notify the insurance company of the leaving or recruitment of each individual employee. Interfacing If's health insurance with the employment register makes it easy to automate this process.

To start using the employment register solution, kindly contact your If Insurance account manager.

We hope you will enjoy making the most out of our new services!

With Best Regards,

Kairit Luht
Personal Insurance Product Manager
If Insurance