If Mobile

Health insurance on your phone!
Quick, convenient, and safe way to keep your eye on your opportunities and to forward your claims.

How does the If Mobile health insurance mobile application work?

If Mobile is designed for convenient and secure health insurance management. When using the application for the first time, you need to authorize your person in 5 easy steps.

Personal identification is unique - after doing it for once,  you can open the application quickly and conveniently to perform the desired actions.

Where to get and how to use the If Mobile application?

  • Download the app for free from either the AppStore or Google Play
  • You can log in to the If Mobile app through your Mobile ID, Smart ID, or bank
  • Learn more about the health insurance terms and conditions, the If Mobile terms and conditions, and the If Privacy Policy
  • Generate an If Mobile security code that you can use to verify various actions later in the app

If Mobile app download, logging in and authentication

If Mobile app possibilities

If Mobile terms and conditions