If supports tennis player Jürgen Zopp

The mission of If is to promote the development of a stable and sustainable society. We contribute to the development of social welfare by advocating active and healthy lifestyle.

​Since 2010 If Kindlustus has been supporting the development of Estonian tennis. We support tennis through the Estonian Tennis Association by directing the contribution to the best male tennis player Jürgen Zopp and to the assistance of the Estonian Championships.

JZ.jpgWhy tennis?
Tennis is one of the most popular fields of sports to be practised at any age. But at the top level it is a very technical field of sports requiring substantial mental training besides physical training.

As a market leader If values perseverance, devotion, and orientation towards development. Jürgen Zopp is a young promising athlete who has stressed perseverance and stable progress among his goals. We are contributing to the future of a young sports star by helping him to fulfil perspective goals.

In addition, If Group supports tennis by sponsoring the international tournament If Stockholm Open (www.ifstockholmopen.se ). If has been supporting the tennis tournament since 1999, when the valid logo of If was first presented to the public.