Private customers

If is represented in all Estonian counties and If is the only insurance company in Estonia with over 210,000 private and corporate customers. The private clients form the largest part of our client base.

We offer private customers a wide range of insurance solutions: housing and home property insurance, motor third party liability insurance and kasko insurance for vehicles, and accident and travel insurance for individuals.

In addition to this we offer insurance for the forest, animals, dogs and cats, as well as small water craft.

Rapid claims handling

A clear advantage of If in terms of providing our private customers with the best insurance solutions is our fast, fair and flexible claims handling. We have the greatest depth of experience and the highest levels of quality in terms of handling different losses on the Estonian insurance market.

We provide operative advice and information on what to do in case of a loss event, different methods for providing notification of a loss and we provide compensation for any damages in a fully professional manner and without wasting any time.

If has a wide network of car service companies as co-operation partners all over Estonia, who can be contacted by the clients immediately after an accident.

We are proud that nearly 90% of our customers who reply to the client feedback questionnaire have assessed If claims handling with the maximum points.