16 April 2010If’s travel insurance covers travel interruption damages resulting from the ash cloud

Due to the ash cloud caused by the eruption of a volcano in Island all air traffic in the Northern Europe has been suspended. If’s travel insurance will cover expenses caused by cancelled or postponed flights as a result of the movement of volcanic ash.

23 November 2009In October If indemnified damages for 43 million EEK

In October If compensated 2101 loss events by paying to its clients indemnities in the sum of 43 million EEK. With the ten months of this year If has indemnified 21 254 claims in total for 467 million EEK. Within a year the paid indemnities as well as the number of losses of the first ten months have decreased by 13%.

29 October 2009The Insurance Museum collects graduation theses written about insurance

The Insurance Museum started a unique project for collecting and storing at the museum’s library graduation theses written about insurance. We invite everyone who has written a diploma, baccalaureus or any other research thesis in different schools and during different times to donate their work to the museum.

20 October 2009In September If indemnified damages for 37 million EEK

In September of this year If Insurance compensated 2172 loss events by paying to its clients indemnities in the sum of 37 million EEK. During September If was notified of in total 2159 loss events and this means a decrease of 13% within a year.

8 October 2009If recommends car owners protecting their vehicles against theft

Due to the significantly increased number of stolen vehicles in September, If recommends the car owners to pay more attention to the security of their vehicles in order to prevent their theft. While in September of the previous year If insurance registered three stolen vehicles, then in September of this year If was notified of the loss of seven vehicles, which means an annual increase by 133%.