Insurance Card

On the February If Estonia launched the first Insurance Card that can be used for activating the MTPL (motor third party liability) insurance cover wherever and whenever.

The Insurance Card is a completely new method of payment for the insurance. Artur Praun, member of the Board of If Estonia said that this is a completely new product not only in Estonia but also in the world. “If Estonia has launched innovative solutions before to simplify our clients lives, but nobody had heard of an Insurance Card that is similar to a phone card. In order to activate the Insurance Card, client does not need to go to If office or use the internet, one call to the Insurance Phone 1211 is enough and the insurance cover will be available for the client at the regular price.”

The term of validity of the Insurance Card depends on the risk coefficient of the client; an average client will receive a two- to three-month policy. Activating several Insurance Cards simultaneously will ensure a longer insurance period. You can buy a supply of Insurance Card and make them valid from the date you need.
How is the Insurance Card activated?
· Buy the Insurance Card from Statoil.
· Call at the Insurance Phone 1211 and notify the Insurance Card and vehicle number.
· Scratch to reveal the security code of the card.
· The representative of If will notify you of which period you will receive the MTPL insurance for 33 euros.
· We will send you the information regarding the validation of the MTPL insurance policy as a confirmation to you by SMS message.