High risks in visiting Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

We ask our customers to avoid visiting Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. We encourage our customers to return to their home country as quickly as possible.

Losses which accrue in Ukraine due to war situation, is not covered by insurance.  

Due to sanctions on Russia and Belarus financial sectors, If as an insurance company can see that it is difficult to protect our customers and to help those who need our help while staying in Russia and Belarus. Our assistance is severely limited by sanctions that prevent us from providing the services that our customers might need.  

In addition, there might be a risk that due to the current situation, vehicles with EU licence plates may become victims of destruction in Belarus and Russia. For that reason, we ask our customers to avoid visiting Belarus and Russia, now.  

Since 28th of February 2022 If Insurance does not sell travel insurance nor vehicle insurance to Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.  

All insurance contracts currently in force stay valid according to the terms and conditions, but due to military conflict and sanctions, we may not be able to help our customers in these countries in a way we would like to.