Insurance Museum 1980-2020

The Museum has over 6,500 showpieces, including:

  • over 3,000 books and brochures in many languages
  • office furniture and supplies from insurance companies from the twenties and thirties;
  • collections which include company and fire assurance signs, insurance policies, pocket, wall and table calendars, advertising badges and printed advertising, photos, films, etc, from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The museum also possesses statutes, insurance conditions and other documents from insurance companies, including insurance company nationalisation acts from research, including graduation theses by university students.

The Insurance Museum was founded on 13 October 1980 at the State Insurance Administration upon the wishes and with the co-operation of insurance work enthusiasts.

Currently the museum is a division of If kindlustus. We consider 1866 to be the date of foundation for the company on the basis of continuity due to the fact that it was in this year that the Mutual Fire Assurance Company of the Boroughs of Tallinn was founded, which was nationalised in 1940 under the name of the First Estonian Insurance Company “Maja” (EEKS-MAJA).

The museum introduces the history of the world, with European, Russian Empire and Estonian insurance activities up to today.