Health insurance

If’s health insurance is meant for companies for covering employees’ health-related costs and is a good addition for the national health insurance.

Advantages for employers

  • Possibility to improve employer reputation and increase employee satisfaction
  • A significant bonus to highlight when recruiting new employees.

Ifi’s health insurance enables employees of companies to use paid healthcare services at a lower cost and get the required treatment faster.
From 2018, it is possible to contribute up to €400 per year into an employee’s health
promotion without any additional fringe benefit tax.

Coverages Descriptions
Family or specialised
medical care
Allows using paid specialised medical care or family physician’s service without referral. We will indemnify the visit fee and the cost of medically necessary analyses, studies and procedures prescribed by the doctor. The insurance cover for the outpatient treatment also includes day treatment.
Occupational health
 We indemnify the cost of the occupational health check required by the law and carried out during the insurance period. There is no deductible for the indemnification of the cost of occupational health checks.
Employee´s health
 We indemnify the cost of issuing the health certificate for the employee if the need for the health certificate arises from a legal act and is related to employment with the employer. There is no deductible for the indemnification of the cost of medical certificate.
Preventive medical
Allows going to medical examinations without a doctor’s referral (e.g. complex eye
examinations, sports examinations or other health analyses).
Psychological and
psychiatric counselling
and treatment
We indemnify the outpatient visit and consultation fee for psychologists or psychiatrists (including psychotherapists) as well as prescription medicines related to the treatment.
Outpatient medical
We indemnify the cost of outpatient rehabilitation prescribed by a doctor, e.g. medical massage, medical exercise, physiotherapy, osteopathy prescribed by a doctor.
Hospital treatment
Enables to speed up of going to hospital treatment by using the paid service. The hospital treatment must be approved by If in advance.
We indemnify the vaccination costs according to the chosen sum insured.
Prescription medicines
We indemnify the cost of prescription medicines sold in Estonia and prescribed by a doctor.
Dental care
We indemnify the cost of dental care in Estonia for the following services: consultation, preparation of treatment plan, dental treatment (incl. tooth extraction), oral hygiene services (including soda wash, pearl wash and removal of caries), dental surgery, X-ray, anaesthesia. Choosing the extended dental care cover, orthodontic treatment, costs related to implants and prosthesis will be covered.
Glasses, contact lenses
We indemnify the cost of glasses or contact lenses if the visual acuity has changed. The change of visual acuity needs to be identified during the insurance period.
Rehabilitation in hospital
We indemnify the rehabilitation provided in hospital and prescribed by a doctor following an illness or injury that is commenced within 60 days after the termination of hospital treatment. Rehabilitation must previously coordinated with If.
Obstetrical care
We indemnify the cost of paid services provided to the mother of a child being born at the hospital in relation to the birth (e.g. paid midwife at birth, paid hospital room). Father of a child being born can use the obstetrical care cover for covering the costs of paid family room at the hospital.
Treatment of the veins
and sclerotherapy
We indemnify the visit fee as well as the cost of medically necessary analyses, studies and procedures prescribed by the doctor. Both ambulatory and hospital treatment are covered if it is prescribed by the doctor.

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