Motor Third Party Liability insurance

  • FREE towing service in case of an accident
  • Insurance possibility starting from 1 day
  • Convenient to buy and report the claim
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Why to choose If MTPL for your car?

  • You can get your MTPL also for 1 day

    If you only need insurance for a short time, you can make a contract quickly and conveniently in the e-office and after payment you can start driving immediately.

  • FREE towing service in case of traffic accident

    The service applies to a car or van with a motor insurance policy and to a motorcycle and moped within the EU. Ordering the towing service is conveniently available 24/7 via the Insurance phone number 777 1211.

  • In the event of an accident, contact If

    As a victim or cause of a car accident, you can contact If directly. We take care of things ourselves with counterparty insurance.

What Is Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance?

MTPL insurance is a compulsory car and vehicle insurance in Estonia, which indemnifies for damages caused to other persons or their property by your vehicle. The insurance is valid on roads, parking lots, yards, and elsewhere used for normal traffic.

Compulsory motor third party liability insurance covers damage to other people or their property caused by your car or other vehicle
MTPL insurance is your responsibility. If necessary, you can get MTPL insurance for your car or other vehicle for one day

Almost 30,000 traffic accidents occur in Estonia every year, the damages of which are compensated by MTPL insurance. Statistics show that every 10th vehicle is involved in such an accident

  • Motor insurance for one day and a shorter period

    Sometimes short-term MTPL insurance is required for hobby and fun trips - for example, for one (1) day, week, or summer period. If You can take out MTPL Insurance for a period that suits you - be it 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month.

  • Checking the validity of motor third party liability insurance

    You can check the valid traffic insurance on the Estonian Motor Insurance Fund's website. If Insurance e-office allows you to check all valid insurance contracts, including MTPL. If Kindlustus will also send you a reminder and notification about the expiring insurance - so you can be sure that you will not drive without valid insurance.

  • Motor insurance is regulated by the Motor Insurance Act

    Traffic insurance is compulsory for all vehicles in traffic, therefore the insurance is regulated by the Traffic Insurance Act. The Motor Insurance Act notes the main important issues that can be addressed to the policyholder.

  • Green card for the car

    A green card, or an international motor insurance policy, is a document certifying valid traffic insurance, which may be required when driving abroad by car. As in Estonia, damages caused to fellow road users or vehicles abroad are compensated on the basis of a green card. See also green card countries and receipts.

Motor Insurance FAQ

How to make sure the validity of motor third party liability insurance? How to get insurance for one day. All about the green card and insurance policy and more.

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