Cookie policy

This cookie policy describes what cookies are, how and why we use them, as well as how to choose your cookie settings and control the use of cookies.

We use cookies on websites operated by If P&C Insurance AS, including all local subsidiaries, that maintain domains such as, We will place cookies in any browser or device visiting these websites.

We may change this cookie policy at any time. The "last revised" date at the bottom of this page indicates when this cookie policy was last revised. Any change in this cookie policy will become effective when a new version is published on our websites.

What is a cookie? 

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a web page and stored in a user’s web browser, mobile phone or another device. Cookies enable many of the functionalities on our websites and help us enhance a smooth user experience. We use the term “first-party cookies” for cookies set by us and the term “third-party cookies” for cookies set by third-party technology vendors. 

There are also other technologies, such as pixel tags, web bugs, web storage and other similar files and technologies that may carry the same function as cookies. In this cookie policy, we use the term “cookies” for cookies and all similar technologies.  

We have classified the cookies that we use based on the purpose they are used for. We use cookies that are strictly necessary for our website to operate, cookies that measure the performance & provide personalized user experiences and cookies that help us deliver targeted advertising. 

We share data that we collect via first-party cookies with third-party technology vendors who process on behalf of If P&C Insurance AS, including all local subsidiaries. More information about sharing this data can be found in our privacy policy (in Estonian). 

Information collected through a third-party cookie is subject to the privacy policy of that third party, and not our privacy policy. 

Below we list different categories of cookies that we use on our websites. For each category, we also list most often used tools.  

Cookie categories

1. Strictly necessary cookies

Our website needs these cookies to work correctly. They enable some basic functionalities, such as buying on-line, using logged-in services or chatting with our customer service. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information.

  • Giosg (first-party and third-party cookies)
    Giosg is supplying a chat function on our websites. 
  • EPiServer (first-party cookies)
    EPiServer is a content management system. It provides users access to content that is displayed in their browsers. 

2. Performance & user experience cookies 

These cookies collect anonymous information that helps us understand how visitors interact with our website. They allow us to improve user experience and offer more relevant content, and they enable our website to remember information that changes the way it works or looks. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information. 

  • Microsoft Application Insights (first-party cookies)
    These cookies are used to collect statistical data about web site usage, load times and more. The cookie stores a unique identifier to recognize users on returning visits over time. The data is anonymous and not connected to any identified individuals. 
  • Visual Website Optimizer (first-party cookies)
    Visual Website Optimizer is a tool used for A/B testing, scroll depth analysis, click analysis etc. When we use Visual Website Optimizer we are making sure that no personal data is collected. Cookies set by this tool are used to make sure that the same user interface variant is displayed for each visit if a user is participating in a design experiment. 
  • Google Analytics (first-party cookies)
    These cookies register a unique ID and collect statistical data about how the visitor uses the web site. They also track the user across devices and marketing channels and collect data about the visitor’s devices. We do not store any personally identifiable information in Google Analytics.  
  • Confirmit (third-party cookies)
    Confirmit is used for creating surveys that help us collect feedback from visitors’ experiences.   
  • Sleeknote (Piwik Analytics) (third-party cookies)
    Piwik statistics are used in relation to the Sleeknote service. Sleeknote is used for providing the user an easy way to request a contact from us.   

3. Advertising & targeting cookies 

These cookies are set by advertising and targeting platforms. They are used for understanding visitors' interests and offering more relevant and personalized experiences. You will see ads on third-party websites based on your behavior and interests on our site. These cookies do not store any directly identifiable personal information, but they may identify your browser and internet device. If you do not allow these cookies, the advertising you see will be less relevant to you. 

  • Adform (third-party cookies)
    Adform is an ad platform that collects data to measure the effect of ads and visitors’ activities on a web site in relation to ads that they have seen. Adform is also used to identify a site visitors interest in a specific product and to show more relevant ads for specific target audiences. 
  • DoubleClick / Google Ads (third-party cookies)
    DoubleClick is subsidiary of Google and an ad platform for digital advertising. It is also used to collect data to measure the effect of advertising and can be used to identify user groups to target digital advertising, based on data about previous visits on a website.   
  • Facebook (third-party cookies)
    A social media platform that inserts cookies to measure advertising effectiveness and to create target groups for advertising. 

How to choose your cookie settings and control cookies

Click here to manage certain types of cookie settings.

If you want to totally opt-out of having cookies stored on your browser, you can change the security settings of your web browser and choose to not accept any cookies. Common web browsers are Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge.

If you have this setting, no cookies will be stored from If's or any other web site. However, you may also notice that some functions on web sites are not available to you. Using anti-tracking tools to prevent use of cookies may also disable some functions. That's why we do not advise to use anti-tracking tools at If's web site or to totally opt-out from cookies.

Вы можете изменить настройки своего браузера таким образом, чтобы каждый раз, когда веб-сайт пытается сохранить файл cookie, он отправлял бы вам оповещение. Тогда вы сможете решать, разрешить ли сохранение файла cookie или нет.

You can also change your web browser settings so that you get a warning every time a site is trying to set a cookie. You can then decide for each cookie if you want to accept it or not.

More information about how to handle cookies in your web browser can be found at here.

More information about targeted advertising based on your Internet usage can be found at Your online choices page.

Last revised 19.12.2018