Personal Accident Insurance

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  1. Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance is suitable for everyone, for the young and old, men and women alike, regardless of the job or hobbies.

  • Income not reduced during recovery

    After an accident, you can go on sick leave with a peace of mind, since your income will not be reduced during recovery.

  • Private doctor or rehabilitation available

    As you are recovering from the accident, you can be treated by a private doctor or undergo rehabilitation if needed.

Fatal Condition Insurance

After being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and going through the subsequent treatment, your life may not return to the way it used to be. Once the initial shock wears off, you are faced with unexpected expenses, which are not always covered by national health insurance. The sick person will need to buy the necessary medications, aids, spend money on medical care, employ a housekeeper if needed.

We will pay compensation if the policyholder develops one of the illnesses below:

  • malignant tumour
  • benign brain tumour
  • infarction
  • stroke
  • aortic aneurysm
  • kidney failure

Doing sports

Taking out accident insurance is particularly relevant if you do sports or otherwise lead an active lifestyle.

When concluding the contract, let us know what sport you do. If it involves danger or competitions, you will be covered in such situations only if explicitly said so in the contract. Read the terms and conditions for a full list of dangerous sports.

Also children who do sports can benefit from the contract. A kid who is hurt may need paid medical care or rehabilitation for a quick recovery.

Sport-related accidents and injuries are the most common ones. For example:

  • Tom was riding a bike on a bicycle lane and collided with a roller-skater. He fell and suffered a concussion and a knee injury. If paid for his knee surgery and compensated for the inpatient days for the days he was in hospital.
  • Randy, 8 years old, was skateboarding and took a terrible fall, breaking his wrist. As he was recovering, it appeared that his hand needed rehabilitation for a quick recovery. If compensated for his transport to rehabilitation and massage sessions.

Terms and conditions

  1. Personal Accident Insurance