Personal Accident Insurance - for kids, grown-ups, and the whole family

  • Accidents, illnesses, death - be insured!
  • One contract - insurance for the whole family
  • Choose the coverages up tp 100 000€

Why choose If Personal Accident Insurance?

  • Income not reduced during recovery

    After an accident, you can go on sick leave with a peace of mind, since your income will not be reduced during recovery.

  • Private doctor or rehabilitation available

    As you are recovering from the accident, you can be treated by a private doctor or undergo rehabilitation if needed.

  • Suitable for everyone: women and men, children and adults

    Accident insurance is suitable for everyone, incl. for both active children and adults in all walks of life

Personal accident insurance is suitable for everyone, for the young and old, men and women alike, regardless of the job or hobbies.

Accident insurance helps you to cope with your daily life safely and with peace of mind.
Sports accidents, injuries and other unforeseen accidents hit us unexpectedly. Accident insurance helps with the costs involved

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See which protections to match.

Insurance coverages Standard Extra coverages
Included Not included
Included Not included
Not included Included
Not included Included
Not included Included
Not included Included

Insurance Phone: 777 1211