Pet insurance for your cat or dog

  • Already more than 10000 cats or dog has been insured with If Insurance
  • Pet insurance starting from 7 €/ month
  • Insure pure breed pets or pets without the breed certificate
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At If we provide insurance for your dog or cat against illness, robbery, or another unexpected accident.

Why insure your dog or cat with If's pet insurance?

  • Extensive protection across Europe for Superlemmik + package

    The protection against the death, theft and loss of a pet is valid in the European Union

  • Insurance package according to needs

    You can choose between 3 packages according to your pet

  • Liability of the animal owner for damage caused to others (including on rented premises)

    With liability insurance, we indemnify for damages caused to others by a pet, for example, if a dog chews on a neighbor's new leather shoe. The protection also applies to the rental space

You can insure both purebred and non-purebred cats and dogs from 2 months to 7 years of age.

This means that the first insurance can be bought for a pet when he or she is 2 months old and the last year's insurance policy can be bought when he or she is still 7 years old. For example, if a cat is already 7 years and 11 months old, the pet can still be insured for one year, ie the cat is insured until 8 years and 11 months of age.

Choose insurance package for your pet

If Pet Insurance Risk Covers Lemmik Superlemmik Superlemmik+

The insurance period is one year. We reimburse medical expenses up to an annual insurance limit.

2500€ 5,000€ 10,000 €

The following shall be reimbursed:
- the cost of necessary veterinary assistance for the treatment of an injury resulting from an unexpected illness or accident, including visit and consultation fees;
- expenditure on treatments, veterinary aids and medicines;
- medicines obtained on prescription by a veterinarian.
Expenses are reimbursed on the basis of a expense document issued by a veterinarian or veterinary pharmacy.

Not reimbursed:
- costs of transporting the animal;
- regular and foreseeable veterinary costs;
- visit fees, consultation fees and other costs if the animal was not ill or injured.
Read more about the terms and conditions of pet insurance. "

400 € 700 € 1000€

According to the chosen package, the insurance cover is valid in Estonia, the Baltic States or the European Union.

Estonia The Baltic States All EU countries

We indemnify for property damage caused by the insured pet to third parties during the insurance period, for the compensation of which the owner or legal possessor of the animal is liable on the basis of the applicable legislation. E.g. the dog chews on a neighbor's expensive leather shoes.

Ingår inte 3500 € 10 000 €

In the event of the loss of an animal, we will reimburse documented reasonable and necessary expenses:
- publication of an advertisement for a missing animal
- animal invention fee
- the cost of finding or keeping an animal (food, etc.) for the finder or shelter.

Ingår inte 100 € 100 €

We reimburse the medical expenses incurred due to the destruction and damage of the tooth.

Ingår inte Ingår inte 200 €

The insured event of death is the death of the animal as a result of an unexpected illness (incl. Euthanasia for veterinary indications), unless the disease started before the beginning of the insurance period.

Ingår inte Insurance sum Insurance sum

An insured event of theft or loss of an animal is a situation where the lost animal has not been found within 90 days as of the day when the policyholder notified the insurer of the theft or loss of the animal.

Ingår inte Insurance sum Insurance sum

A reduction in the value of a dog is an unexpected illness or accident of the dog, as a result of which the dog can never perform hunting or service duties again.
In the event of a reduction in the value of the dog, the amount of the insurance benefit shall be 50% of the sum insured for the death of the dog.

Ingår inte Insurance sum Insurance sum

A pet owner travel cancellation  is the cancellation or interruption of the journey of the animal owner and the animal owners' family, which is caused by an unexpected and unforeseen illness or injury of the animal, due to which it is necessary to operate to save the animal's life.

Ingår inte Insurance sum Insurance sum

With If's pet insurance, you can insure your dog or cat against the costs of illness, theft or any other unexpected accident involving your pet.

What happened to a pet is not only emotionally difficult but can also be costly for your wallet. Here are some situations where insuring your pet will help you avoid unexpected expenses:

52/5000 Insure your dog or cat
Insure your pet and protect yourself from unexpected dog or cat owner expenses.
  • Unexpected veterinary visits

    Diseases also afflict our favorites. A visit to the vet can cost hundreds of euros. If Pet Insurance insures your dog or cat's unexpected and unforeseen medical expenses and the cost of medicines up to € 1,000 based on the selected area (Estonia, Baltics, EU).

  • Accidents with a pet

    Our dogs and cats are active and there can be various accidents: poisonings, swallowed objects, accidents on the road, etc. If's pet insurance reimburses the costs of medical treatment and medicines for unexpected accidents up to € 1,000.

  • Pet damage done to others

    Although we think we know the ins and outs of our pet, their behavior is sometimes unpredictable and can cause harm to outsiders: their property, life or health. The damage can be great! If Pet Pet Insurance indemnifies the damage caused to others by the insured dog or cat in the amount of up to € 10, 000, depending on the situation.

  • Loss and theft of a pet

    Sad and unexpected, but sometimes our favorites disappear. Or they will be stolen. There is no consolation for an unfortunate dog or cat owner, but insuring a dog or cat provides an opportunity to be reimbursed for the costs of finding a dog - from an advertisement to an invention fee. In the most unfortunate case, if the favorite does not appear within 90 days, we will reimburse the sum insured.

If has already insured more than 10, 000 dogs and cats.

Pet Insurance FAQ

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