Casco insurance for business

Insure your company vehicle conveniently at our Self-service.

If you are looking for insurance for a fleet (5 or more vehicles), contact us to receive a quote for the best insurance covers.

Why choose casco insurance by If for company vehicles?

  • Replacement car for up to 60 days

    If an accident happens to Your car or van, we will indemnify the rental costs of a replacement vehicle or daily allowance for alternative transport for the duration of repairs.

  • Tailored solution for Your fleet

    We will prepare a tailored insurance solution for Your fleet considering the various requirements of Your company.

  • Special covers for cargo carriers

    We will indemnify the expenses incurred in getting trucks or buses that have gone off the road back on the road, as well as damages caused to vehicles during loading of goods.

Secure Your company car to ensure smooth business operations

We understand the importance of keeping Your company running smoothly, and Your company car plays a vital role in that. With casco insurance You can feel secure knowing we've got Your back if something unexpected happens. 

What type of vehicles can be insured?

Whether it is a car (also an electric car), van, trailer, truck, or bus – we have the necessary covers for all of them to keep Your business running. Check out the possibilities and covers of casco insurance and ensure a carefree tomorrow.

Did you remember Motor Third Party Liability insurance?

All the vehicles used in traffic must have a valid Motor Third Party Liability insurance (MTPL). Make sure Your vehicle has an MTPL cover.

MTPL is a compulsory liability insurance that indemnifies the other party for damages caused by Your vehicle. For example, if a company car causes an accident where another vehicle or someone’s property (e.g., a railing, gate, or building) is damaged, or a person is injured, insurance will indemnify the damages.

Did you remember Motor Third Party Liability insurance?

Useful to know before purchasing casco