Sustainability at If

For If, it is natural to work with sustainability. We will primarily prevent claim from occurring, as that is the best from a sustainability perspective. Claims prevention work reduces the impact on the environment, increases the feeling of security and reduces the financial costs.

If claim does occur, we will deal with it in a sustainable way. We encourage our suppliers and partners to use more sustainable practices when repairing damage and support them in this work.

Nothing is 100% sustainable. Like many other companies, sustainability work at If is a learning process. Therefore, we are open to new impressions, follow the research and seek to enter into collaborations with customers, partners and others to solve sustainability challenges.

If is willing to share aggregated climate-related loss data to public authorities that want to use the information for research purposes to improve society's adaptation to climate change. The data is shared free of charge. For more information, please contact If´s Head of Sustainability Philip Thörn: +46 10 603 77 68,

For more information please contact:

Tõnu Talinurm
Head of Communications

Phone: +372 516 8804