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Secure yourself a stress-free trip with travel insurance!

  • Medical Insurance
  • Travel Interruption Insurance
  • Luggage Insurance

Why choose If travel insurance

  • We will help you 24/7, in your native language

    If you have an accident, call us at +372 777 1211, and we will assist you in your native language.

  • Coverage in case of terrorism

    Additional costs incurred in relation to evacuation and the medical expenses for the persons injured in an act of terrorism that started during trip, will be compensated.

  • Private hospitals for medical assistance

    When needing medical assistance while staying abroad, you can contact the nearest private clinic.

Travel insurance is an important supplement to the blue European Health Insurance Card when travelling in EU/EEA countries. And if you travel outside Europe, you are only covered by your private travel insurance.

Are you properly insured?

Travelling brings relaxation and pleasant excitement but also comes with risks. Having the medical coverage is a must, however, you may also consider what other inconveniences can occur during your specific trip. Connecting flights might result in lost luggage, or the activities might have a higher risk of injury. Plan in advance to select the proper insurance and travel in peace.

Travel delays and cancellations

Sudden changes in travel plans are stressful, but no worries when insured, just make new plans instead. If you, your only travel companion or a family member falls ill before the start of the trip, we will reimburse the expenses for the cancelled trip if you cannot recover these expenses from the travel service provider (e.g. previously partially or fully paid accommodation, transport ticket, scheduled activities).

Choose necessary insurance covers

Insurance cover

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Up to € 650 000

Luggage insurance is of great help if your luggage should be delayed, stolen or lost during transport.
Luggage includes things one takes along when travelling – e.g., clothes, shoes, hygiene supplies, photo and video cameras, mobile phone, laptop, etc. Cabin luggage is also luggage.

What does luggage insurance cover?
We cover the expenses related to theft and robbery of luggage abroad, including delay (for over 4 hours), loss and damage to luggage caused by transportation company.

What are indemnification amounts?
If your luggage is delayed for over 4 hours, you can buy essential products for up to 50% of the luggage insurance amount. Indemnification is paid based on purchase checks.

The indemnification limit for one item is up to 50% of the luggage insurance amount

Up to €2500

Travel interruption insurance covers additional expenses due to interruption or cancellation of a trip or deviation of a trip already in progress from the schedule.

What does travel interruption insurance cover?
Basic travel interruption  insurance covers cancellation of trip due to sudden illness of yourself or your family member as well as trip delays caused by transportation company within 24h (excluding flight cancellation).

When to buy travel interruption insurance?
Travel interruption insurance cover is valid also before the start of the insurance period, becoming effective 3 days after the travel cancellation insurance policy has been completed. Therefore, it is important to buy the insurance immediately after booking a trip.
Example: policy is completed on May 1st. Travel interruption cover is valid as of midnight (00:00) of May 4th.

Liability insurance helps you when you have unintentionally caused property damage to someone while travelling. We will cover the damages for you.

Up to €2500

Liability insurance helps you when you have unintentionally caused property damage to someone while travelling. We will cover the damages for you.

€10 000

If an accident happens at your home while you are on a trip causing damage to or destruction of your property (e.g. furniture, clothes, household appliances, etc.), or your property is stolen, we will cover the damages caused to you.

€10 000

We will pay indemnity for permanent disability if the health of the insured person has constantly deteriorated in one year as a result of an insurance event. If an insured person dies within three years as a result of an accident that took place during the trip, we will pay the insurance amount to their heirs.

€10 000

If you play sports or are active in other ways while travelling, you should choose protection for high-risk activities.


If you engage in manual labour during your trip (e.g., construction or cleaning jobs), you should choose additional cover for medical assistance so that any accidents that may happen while working would be covered. This cover cannot be used for high-risk work or positions.

Please make sure to study the insurance covers, terms and exclusions.


When renting a car, the rental agreement includes a deductible that should be covered by you in case of an accident. If covers the deductible by up to €2000 in case of an accident. The cover applies to the same region as your travel insurance agreement. The cover does not apply to the territory of Estonia or to vehicles rented in Estonia.

Rental car deductible insurance


We indemnify your phone calls, e-mails, web messages, e-chats, etc. from abroad to If, claim settlement partners of If, transportation company, travel agency, accommodation company or other companies providing travel services.


Travel Insurance FAQ

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