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You need travel insurance when going on a holiday or a business trip, and also if your work involves going abroad often.

  • Coverage in case of terrorism

    Additional costs incurred in relation to evacuation, and the medical expenses for the persons injured in an act of terrorism shall be compensated.

  • A private hospital may be contacted to receive medical assistance

    When needing medical assistance while staying abroad, you may contact the closest private clinic.

  • We shall help you 24/7, in your native language

    If you have an accident, call us at +372 777 1211, and we shall assist you in your native language.

  • Medical assistance insurance is a mandatory part of travel insurance. It covers the medical and transportation costs associated with unexpected illness or accident.

Depending on the purpose, destination, and means of transport of your trip, you should also consider luggage and travel interruption insurance.

  • Travel interruption insurance protects you against the extra costs incurred when the trip is interrupted or cancelled, or when an ongoing trip is not going according to schedule. The insurance cover will become valid two days after the conclusion of the insurance contract, so it is important to buy travel interruption insurance already when booking your trip.
  • Luggage insurance will compensate you for the costs incurred when your luggage is lost, delayed, or damaged. Luggage consists of items needed for the trip – clothes, shoes, toiletries, photo and video cameras, mobile phones, laptops. PS! Limit for one item is max 50% from the insurance sum.
    If your luggage is delayed, you can buy essential items amount up to 50% of the sum for which luggage is covered.

Delay and cancellation of public transport

In case of disruptions to travel schedules, you will be compensated for the extra costs associated with replacing your ticket in order to reach the destination or point of transit of your trip, or for the costs of using an alternative means of transport, if the delay in or cancellation of public transport is caused by:

  • technical failure of the means of transport
  • a traffic accident
  • poor weather conditions

Obtain proof of the cause of the interruption from the public transport operator!

Extra coverages

Choosing accident coverage, we will pay compensation for the insurerer in case insurerers medical condition has been worsened within one year because of the insurance event happened in the trip. if insurerer dies within three years after insurance event, we will pay compensation to the heirs.

Liability insurance helps you in case of the damaged caused to others during the trip. For example when children accidentally are breaking up the television in hotel room. We also help you with the legal expenses related to the insurance event.

When choosing an additional insurance for you home property, we will compensate the value of things lost, stolen or damaged by accident at you home (such as furniture, clothes, household appliances etc).

Destination areas

If you travel through several countries to arrive at your destination, choose the insurance area so that all the countries are covered. For example, if you fly to Germany with a stopover in Turkey, the area to be chosen is Extended Europe. This will also cover any unexpected events that may occur in Turkey, including at the airport.

Nordic and Baltic countries

Latvia, Lithuania, Danish, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Island


Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Gibraltar, Faroe Islands, Spain, Holland, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Canary Islands, Kosovo, Greece, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldavia, Monaco, Poland, Portugal, France, Romania, Germany, San Marino, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Great Britain, Switzerland, Czech, Ukraine, Vatican, Europe part of Russia.

Extended Europe

Additionally to Europe area: Armenia, Azerbaidzhan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Israel, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, United Arab Emirates.

World without USA, Canada

All the countries in the world, except USA and Canada

For example, choose this area if you travel to Australia or Asia.

USA, Canada and world

If you want to travel to USA and Canada, choose this area

Please note: If travel insurance is not suitable if you need to apply for a Belarusian visa or enter the country.

Travel insurance valid for foreigners in Estonia

This travel insurance is for those who come to Estonia in order to stay here temporarily, e.g., who come here to visit their friends or relatives, or who are on a leisure or business trip.

Travel insurance covers

  • costs of outpatient treatment
  • costs of inpatient treatment for up to 60 inpatient days
  • costs of medications prescribed by the doctor
  • dental costs up to 200 euros
  • transportation costs associated with medical assistance within Estonia
  • transportation to the country of residence

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