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Having your home insured by If will give you a sense of security, as the losses will be covered in case of an accident, helping you overcome the consequences.

You can take out insurance on your house or summer house, apartment or terraced house, outbuilding or a house currently under construction.

Advantages of all risk insurance:

  • If’s home emergency service

    Home emergency insurance helps you with home emergencies round the clock.

  • Contents insurance

    The items that you take out of your home (e.g., computer, phone, bicycle) will have coverage across the European Union.

Insurance coverage Standard
Classic All risk


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Hail and wind

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Leakage from pipes

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Burglary, robbery

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Engineering utilities

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Dwelling use interruption

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New door locks, window glass breakage, seeing glasses and rental costs of temporary housing without deductible

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Unexpected damages/destruction that is not excluded

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Property at home is compensated according to the principle “new replaces the old”

Property at home is compensated according to the principle "new replaces the old". Exceptions set out in the insurance terms and conditions apply for the “New replaces the old” principle.

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Cover for property you carry with you and bank card

The insurance cover is valid, if the property at home insurance has been selected

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Water entrance into building


We compensate damages caused by construction faults

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Home assistance 24/7

Cover for smart devices

Exceptions set out in the insurance terms and conditions apply for the "New replaces the old" principle

Liability insurance

Immovable property owner's liability insurance
Liability insurance protects you against damages that you have caused to others as the owner of an apartment or house. For example, if a flooding that started in your apartment damages the ceiling of your downstairs neighbour or a tree that is growing on your property falls on a neighbour's car, we will cover the damages caused to your neighbours and compensate to you the necessary legal assistance and court expenses.

Personal liability insurance
At If, you can insure the liability of all of your family members; the scope of the insurance coverage can be chosen: it is valid either in Estonia, the European Union or the whole world. This insurance will help you if your child, for example, rides his/her bike into your neighbour's car or if you accidentally break something at a shop while staying abroad.

Selectable Selectable Selectable
Loss of rental income

If your rental apartment becomes damaged due to an insurance event, we shall compensate the loss of rental payments.

Selectable Selectable Selectable

A deductible is the portion of the amount of damages that you shall cover in case of any damages. With If Plus Bonus program you can reduce the amount of deductible. Read more plus.if.ee. If you would like to change the amount of deductible, contact us by calling 777 1211.

200 € 200 € 200 €

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Home Emergency

Why choose Home Emergency in the All-Risk Package:

  • Call our insurance number at +372 777 1211 and we will help you deal with any home emergencies.
  • If a pipe or the hose to the washing machine at your house breaks, we will help you cope with the emergency.
  • If the door lock of your home is not working or if you lose the keys, we will help you change the lock.
  • If fire or storm damages your home, we will help you avoid any further damage.
  • If a window or a door breaks, we will help you seal the opening.
  • If a thief breaks a door or a window, we will arrange for your home to be guarded until the openings are sealed.
  • If your home is rendered uninhabitable due to damage, we will arrange for your accommodation and moving.

Insurance of home contents

The contents are covered if your contract includes home contents insurance coverage.

The amount by which you can have your home contents insured is calculated according to the size of your home. If's insurance also covers ATVs, motor scooters, and other non-registered motor vehicles, plus works of art, antiques and valuables, and collections.

If you choose the Classic Package to insure your home contents, they will be covered in the whole of Estonia. With the All-Risk Package, the contents will have coverage across the European Union. The exact extent of coverage is set out in the terms and conditions.

You can choose between four packages to insure your home: All-Risk Package, Classic Package, Basic Package, and Mini Package. For extra coverage, you can choose Liability Insurance, Loss of Rental Income, or Loss of Job Insurance. For more information, read the insurance terms and conditions!

Mini Package

The Mini Package gives your home a cover only for damages caused by fire, strong wind or hail. This is a package that is suitable for insuring a shed or garden house. Mini Package is not suitable for insuring a building that is used as a security for a loan, because it does not contain all the risks that the banks require.

To buy this packages, please contact us by phone +372 777 1211

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