When and how to take photos of your car for Casco insurance?

You need to send photos to If Insurance only if you receive this request by e-mail from your insurance.

  • Wait until you get an e-mail from If Insurance
  • See the guidelines below and take photos
  • Replay the e-mail and send pictures foto@if.ee

Important! Please make sure you write your policy name in your e-mail.

Send photos

Instructions for taking photos of the car for casco insurance

  • A car needs to be clean
  • Take all the photos during daylight
  • Attach all needed 7 photos (see samples below)
  • Send photos in 3 days after you get the mail

Photo of the left side of the vehicle.

Photo fo the right side of the vehicle.

Photo from the front make sure to show the front number.

Photo from the back, make sure to show the back number.

Photo of the tire.

Photo from the front glass.

Photo of the insurers on car body (in case there are any).

After taking photos, please replay them as attachments of the e.mail or send them to e-mail foto@if.ee. Please make sure you add the policy number.