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Casco insurance will compensate for the damage caused to your vehicle if you yourself cause a traffic accident or your vehicle is involved in an accident of another kind.

You can take out insurance on a passenger vehicle, van, truck, traction unit, trailer, motorcycle, bus, or tractor that is up to 12 years old.

You are covered across Europe, apart from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. The area of validity can also be expanded.

  • No deductible for glass claims

    We will pay for the glass replacement of your passenger vehicle or van without a deductible.

  • 24/7 roadside assistance

    If anything happens to your passenger vehicle or van, you can use If’s free of charge roadside assistance.

  • No deductible for wildlife collisions

    If you hit a wild animal, you will not be charged a deductible as part of the compensation procedure.

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Roadside assistance
Total loss

You can choose extra coverages besides packages

This coverage ensures a replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired. You will be provided a replacement vehicle by one of our partners who are listed here.

The value of a brand new vehicle will start falling from the minute you drive away from the dealer. With this coverage, in case your vehicle is stolen, robbed, or destructed, we will compensate you for its original selling price regardless of the market value.
New value insurance covers new passenger vehicles, vans, trucks as well as trailers and traction units.

If the driver suffers permanent damage to health or dies in a traffic accident, the compensation will help cope with financial problems.

Leasing value insurance means that we will compensate you for your vehicle's market value or leasing residual value. We always compensate for whichever is higher.

Roadside assistance

To solve a problem with a passenger vehicle or van, call If's insurance number at +372 777 1211 and riadsude assistance will be on its way! You can also use this service when in trouble abroad. NB! If's roadside assistance is not available in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

Roadside assistance helps:

  • If you have a punctured tyre, we will change it. If this can't be done on site, we will tow your vehicle to the workshop.
  • If the lights on your vehicle burn out in the dark, we will come and replace them.
  • If you lose the keys to your vehicle or if you accidentally lock yourself out of your vehicle, we will come and open the doors.
  • If the oil light turns on while you're driving, we will find out if adding oil is enough or your vehicle needs to be taken to the workshop.
  • If your vehicle won't start due to wrong fuel or fuel freezing in the winter, we will tow it to the nearest workshop.
  • If you run out of fuel, we will bring you the extra fuel to drive to the nearest filling station. However, you will be charged for the fuel.
  • If you drive off the road due to slippery road conditions or because a wild animal suddenly appears on the road and you want to avoid colliding with it, we will get your vehicle back on the road and tow it where needed.
  • In case of an accident, we will help you formalise the necessary documents and help tow your vehicle.

If you are selling your car

  • The law says that when a vehicle is sold, gifted, etc., all the rights and responsibilities relating to insurance will transfer to the new owner.
  • This means that you should terminate your Casco contract before selling the vehicle, otherwise only the new owner will be able to apply for the termination of the contract and for refund of the insurance premium.

How can I terminate it?

  • Once you have set the sale date, send us your termination application through If's e-bureau early on, indicating the desired date of termination.

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