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We recommend – new Supercasco Lux with an especially wide insurance cover!
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Casco insurance will compensate for the damage caused to your vehicle if you yourself cause a traffic accident or your vehicle is involved in an accident of another kind.


  • Expense of replacing lost keys without the deductible

    Should your keys or remote controls be lost or destroyed, we will indemnify the replacement without the deductible.

  • Cover for off-season tires/hubcaps

    The insurance covers one set of hubcaps and tires of the insured vehicle that are not attached to the vehicle.

Coverages Supercasco Supercasco Extra Supercasco Lux

We will indemnify the damages to or destruction of a vehicle as a result of an unforeseen event – traffic accident, natural disaster, damages to or intentional damaging of parts of a vehicle by a person not related to you.

Theft, robbery

We will indemnify theft or robbery of a vehicle or parts thereof. Furthermore, damages to or destruction of the vehicle during the course of robbery, theft or attempts thereof is covered.

Vandalism, fire

Vandalism - We will indemnify damages caused intentionally to the vehicle by third persons. 
Fire - We will indemnify damages to or destruction of a vehicle as a result of a fire, i.e. arson by third persons, smoke, soot or extinguishing activities.

Roadside assistance 24/7

To solve a problem with a passenger vehicle or van, call If's insurance number at +372 777 1211 and roadside assistance will be on its way! You can also use this service when in trouble abroad. NB! If's roadside assistance is not available in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

Damages caused by collision with wild animal, deducible 0 €

We will indemnity the damages caused by collision with the wild animal without deductible.

Glass insurance, deductible 0 €

If the damage diameter is smaller than 2 cm, it is not located in the drivers side and repairing does not break the glass heating system, the glass will be repaired. Other cases it will be replaced. 

Loss or destruction of keys

In case of loss or destruction of keys or remote controls of a vehicle, we shall indemnify the replacement of a key or remote control, if necessary, recoding, without applying the deductible, but not more than 300 euros per insurance event.

Separate hubcaps and tires

One set of the vehicle's tires and hubcaps that are kept in a locked room is indemnified in the event of theft to the maximum amount of up to € 5,000.

Driving lessons cover

Driving lessons to your own family members are included in the cover. If you are planning to use the vehicle as a learning vehicle for the purposes of earning money, this must be indicated separately on the contract.

Vehicle parts Insurance

The following is insured together with the vehicle: child seat, roof box, roof frame and bicycle bracket. Furthermore, in addition to the original parts of the vehicle, parts of the vehicle installed by the non-manufacturer are automatically insured to the extent of up to 1,000 euros. For example hubcaps, spoilers, additional lights, bumpers, paintings etc. If necessary, the indemnity limit can be increased.

Replacement car Insurance

This cover ensures a replacement car while your own is being repaired. You will get the replacement car from our cooperation partner. The insurance cover starts 2 days after the insurance event, If will not indemnify the cost of renting a replacement car for the first two days. The replacement car must be approved by If.

Accident insurance for the driver

If as a result of a traffic accident, the driver's health is permanently damaged or he/she dies, the indemnity will help to alleviate the family's financial worries.

New value Insurance

As soon as you leave the car seller's premises, the price of the new car will start to drop. With this cover, we will indemnify the first sale price of your car in case of theft, robbery and destruction, no matter what the market value is.

Additional indemnity for full loss

If the vehicle has been stolen or robbed, or its restoration is not reasonable, we shall pay an additional indemnity the amount of which is 10% of the vehicle's market value immediately before the insurance event.

Travel interruption abroad

If you end up in an accident with your car abroad and as a result you are unable to continue your journey, we will compensate the additional transport and accommodation costs of the persons in the vehicle to the destination or back to Estonia - 1,000 euros as a total for all passengers.

Items in a locked vehicle

If your things are stolen from a locked vehicle by burglary, we will compensate the cost of reacquisition of the stolen things up to 1,000 euros per event.

External mirrors Insurance

We will indemnify the cost of repairs or replacement of the external mirrors of the vehicle and their casings without the deductible.

Important information

You can buy insurance for a passenger vehicle, van, truck, traction unit, trailer, motorcycle, bus, or tractor that is up to 20 years old.

You are covered across Europe, apart from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. The area of validity can also be expanded, please contact us if you need it.

The requirement to submit photos

If might ask you to send photos of your vehicle. We will send you e-mail with the requirement after the purchase and wait for your reply within 3 working days. Photos should be made according to the Instructions for images (in Estonian).

Good to know

Roadside assistance

To solve a problem with a passenger vehicle or van, call If's insurance number at +372 777 1211 and riadsude assistance will be on its way! You can also use this service when in trouble abroad. NB! If's roadside assistance is not available in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

Roadside assistance helps:

  • If you have a punctured tyre, we will change it. If this can't be done on site, we will tow your vehicle to the workshop.
  • If the lights on your vehicle burn out in the dark, we will come and replace them.
  • If you lose the keys to your vehicle or if you accidentally lock yourself out of your vehicle, we will come and open the doors.
  • If the oil light turns on while you're driving, we will find out if adding oil is enough or your vehicle needs to be taken to the workshop.
  • If your vehicle won't start due to wrong fuel or fuel freezing in the winter, we will tow it to the nearest workshop.
  • If you run out of fuel, we will bring you the extra fuel to drive to the nearest filling station. However, you will be charged for the fuel.
  • If you drive off the road due to slippery road conditions or because a wild animal suddenly appears on the road and you want to avoid colliding with it, we will get your vehicle back on the road and tow it where needed.
  • In case of an accident, we will help you formalise the necessary documents and help tow your vehicle.

If you are selling your car

  • The law says that when a vehicle is sold, gifted, etc., all the rights and responsibilities relating to insurance will transfer to the new owner.
  • This means that you should terminate your Casco contract before selling the vehicle, otherwise only the new owner will be able to apply for the termination of the contract and for refund of the insurance premium.

How can I terminate it?

  • Once you have set the sale date, send us your termination application through If's e-bureau early on, indicating the desired date of termination.

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