Farm Animal Insurance

In If you can insure all kind of different farm animals: cattle, sheep, goats, horses and other farm animals

Stock farmers can benefit most from animal insurance, since replacing livestock is a very expensive and time-consuming undertaking. It is particularly important to get animal insurance if you have taken out a loan for production.
We insure animals who are at least 4 months old against fire, accidents, illness, burglary, or theft.

What does the size of the insurance premium depend on?

  • The breed of the animal
  • The coverages chosen
  • The age
  • The sum covered, which is the animal's market value at the moment of insuring
  • The size of the herd

We do not compensate for:

  • Contraction of an animal disease
  • Hereditary and chronic diseases
  • Costs associated with the transportation of the animal
  • Accidents relating to feeding and keeping