Electric cars insurance

Enjoy carefree environmentally friendly driving – If casco insurance now includes the necessary cover for electric cars!

  • Additional indemnity of 15% of the market value for destroyed vehicle
  • Covers the charging cable and charging device
  • Roadside assistance 24/7, also for discharged battery
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  • Highest known indemnity for destroyed vehicle

    If Insurance pays additional 15% of the market value for electric car if the vehicle has been destroyed as a result of an accident or if it is not reasonable to restore it.

  • €2,000 cover for charging cable and charging device

    If the charging cable or charging device is damaged in an accident or stolen, we cover the loss with indemnity limit of €2,000 – with no deductible.

  • For damages caused by hail and storm, deductible is €0

    No deductible is applied in the event of the destruction or damage of an electric car due to hail, wind, wind broken or raised objects or flooding.

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• Accident - we will indemnify the damages to or destruction of a vehicle as a result of an unforeseen event – traffic accident, natural disaster, damages to or intentional damaging of parts of a vehicle by a person not related to you.
• Theft - we will indemnify theft or robbery of a vehicle or parts thereof.
• Vandalism - we will indemnify damages caused intentionally to the vehicle by third persons.
• Fire - we will indemnify damages to or destruction of a vehicle as a result of a fire, i.e. arson by third persons, smoke, soot or extinguishing activities.

Allrisk insurance has restrictions, please be sure to read the insurance terms and conditions about the exclusions in detail.

Included Included Included Included

Electric car — only a fully electric vehicle of categories M1 or N1.

• If your electric car has been stolen or destroyed, we pay you additional indemnity of 15% of the vehicle’s market value before the insurance event.

• €2,000 cover for charging cable and charging device applies to damaged caused by theft or accident.

• Roadside assistance 24/7 for discharged battery.

• If your electric car is destroyed or damaged by hail, wind, wind broken or raised objects or flooding, no deductible is applied.

Included Included Included Included

We will indemnity the damages caused by collision with the animal without deductible.

Included Included Included Included

If the damage diameter is smaller than 2 cm, it is not located in the drivers side and repairing does not break the glass heating system, the glass will be repaired. In other cases it will be replaced.

Included Included Included Included

In case of loss or destruction of keys or remote controls of a vehicle, we shall indemnify the replacement of a key or remote control, if necessary, recoding, without applying the deductible, but not more than 300 euros per insurance event.

Included Included Included Included

The following is insured together with the vehicle: child seat, roof box, roof frame and bicycle bracket. Furthermore, in addition to the original parts of the vehicle, parts of the vehicle installed by the non-manufacturer are automatically insured to the extent of up to 1,000 euros. For example hubcaps, spoilers, additional lights, bumpers, paintings etc. If necessary, the indemnity limit can be increased.

Included Included Included Included

To solve a problem with a passenger vehicle or van, call If's insurance number at +372 777 1211 and roadside assistance will be on its way! You can also use this service when in trouble abroad. NB! If's roadside assistance is not available in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

Included Included Included Included

One set of the vehicle's tires and hubcaps that are kept in a locked room is indemnified in the event of theft to the maximum amount of up to € 5,000.

Included Included Included Included

Driving lessons to your own family members are included in the cover. If you are planning to use the vehicle as a learning vehicle for the purposes of earning money, this must be indicated separately on the contract.

Included Included Included Included

A light trailer is a trailer registered in the traffic register the laden mass of which does not exceed 750 kg. Every light trailer connected to the insured vehicle at the moment of the insurance event shall be insured. The insurance shall not be applicable for the items in the trailer.

Included Included Included Included

If as a result of a traffic accident, the driver's or passenger's health is permanently damaged or he/she dies, the indemnity will help to alleviate the family's financial worries.

Not included Included Included Included

This protection will cover the cost of a replacement car if your own car is being repaired. You will get a replacement car from our partner and it must be approved by If.

Instead of a replacement car, you can opt for a cash compensation (€ 30  / day) for up to 7 days.

Not included Included Included Included

As soon as you leave the car seller's premises, the price of the new car will start to drop. With this cover, we will indemnify the first sale price of your car in case of theft, robbery and destruction, no matter what the market value is.

Not included Included Included Included

If the vehicle has been stolen or robbed, or its restoration is not reasonable, we shall pay an additional indemnity the amount of which is 15% of the vehicle's market value immediately before the insurance event.

Not included Not included Included Included

If you end up in an accident with your car abroad and as a result you are unable to continue your journey, we will compensate the additional transport and accommodation costs of the persons in the vehicle to the destination or back to Estonia - € 1,000 as a total for all passengers.

Not included Not included Included Included

If your things are stolen from a locked vehicle by burglary, we will compensate the cost of reacquisition of the stolen things up to € 1,000 per event.

Not included Not included Included Included

We will indemnify the cost of repairs or replacement of the external mirrors of the vehicle and their casings without the deductible.

Not included Not included Included Included

Lease value insurance: We will indemnify for the residual value of the vehicle leasing if the residual value of the vehicle exceeds the market value.

Lease payment insurance: We will indemnify for a maximum of 100 days when the lessee is incapacitated due to an insured event.

Not included Not included Not included Included

We will indemnify for legal expenses incurred due to the insured event up to a maximum of € 1,300 per each insured event.

Not included Not included Not included Included

We will indemnify the deductible indicated in the vehicle rental contract up to € 2,000. Find out more about rental car liability insurance!

PS. Rental car deductible insurance is valid if the insurance event occurred outside Estonia.

Not included Not included Not included Included

We will also indemnify the vehicle repair at a dealership even after the warranty period has expired.

Not included Not included Not included Included
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As an owner of an electric car, you have made an important environmentally friendly choice. Casco insurance by If ensures the best possible protection for your electric car, managing also the risks encountered when using an electric vehicle. If something happens, we will be right beside you and help you deal with unexpected circumstances.

Cover for electric car in the casco package

Electric vehicle technology develops fast – the driving range becomes longer, charging becomes faster and battery capacity improves. This lets you plan longer and longer trips. However, unexpected situations still occur, both on the road, in parking lots and home yards. Casco packages by If provide many different protections for vehicles, including electric cars.
If you choose a package with a replacement vehicle, you can also use a financial compensation for up to 7 days instead of a replacement car if you wish, and move in any type of vehicle you like – also by an electric car or taxi.

Why casco insurance for your car?

With casco insurance, we will compensate for the damage to your car when you cause an accident or another unexpected event happens to your car – whether it means collision with a wild animal, driving off the road, damage in parking lot, vandalism, lost keys but also damage to the charging cable or theft of an electric car and many other types of damage.

Read more about the benefits of casco insurance.

Electric cars insurance FAQ

What type of cars is electric cars insurance designed for?

Electric cars insurance is only for fully electric vehicles of categories M1 or N1. Electric cars insurance cover does not apply to hybrid cars. However, the casco packages by If provide extensive coverage in the event of unexpected circumstances also for hybrid vehicles and vehicles with internal combustion engines.

How to conclude an insurance contract for an electric car?

All the casco insurance packages by If include protections for electric cars, and there is no need to conclude a special insurance contract for an electric car. Thus, just pick the package that suits you best from our four casco packages, calculate the price of insurance in the casco calculator and conclude a contract in self service. Conclusion of a contract is easy, fast and convenient, and you can drive your electric car with peace of mind.

Will 24/7 roadside assistance help me if the battery of my electric car unexpectedly discharges and I am stuck on the road?

Yes – if the battery of an electric car is discharged for any reason, you can contact the 24/7 roadside assistance by If.

However, please remember that roadside assistance in the event of an empty battery is provided twice within one insurance period.

Before a longer drive, please make sure that the battery is sufficiently charged. The time required for charging an electric car is different, depending on the battery capacity and the charging mode. Fast charging is a good solution when you are on the road and see that you need additional energy to reach your destination. However, please remember that fast charging may affect the life of the battery. Regular charging is slower and is a good option if you know that you do not have to drive any time soon.
When you start charging your electric car, please also make sure that the charging station or charging device, as well as the charging cable are undamaged.

Terms & conditions

Detailed insurance terms apply to each insurance contract, and we rely on those when indemnifying damages caused by insurance events. Please always read about risks, exceptions, insurance events, etc. in the insurance terms.

Vehicle insurance conditions  TK 20231
General insurance conditions TG-20211
Vehicle insurance information document (in Estonian) 

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