Recreational Craft Insurance

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If you have recreational craft insurance, we will compensate you for the damage caused to your boat at sea, on shore, and during transportation.

You can insure watercrafts designed for leisure or sailing as a sport.

  • We also pay for sails broken in a storm

  • We compensate for the craft’s rescue costs without limitation.

  • Water accidents have all-risk coverage.

You can get coverage against the following events:

  • sailing accidents, such as collisions or hitting a rock
  • theft, vandalism
  • storm
  • fire and lightning strikes
  • damage from slipway
  • damage from transport

Liability Insurance

Our insurance covers the liability of a person lawfully steering a recreational craft. More commonly, it is also known as third party insurance.

Both damage to property and personal injury will be compensated for. Personal injury includes, for example, medical costs or loss of income.

The insurer will also compensate for the court costs and legal expenses.

Liability insurance is required by, for example, regatta organisers, but we recommend it for all recreational crafts.

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