High risks when visiting Ukraine, Russia and Belarus 

If possible, we ask our customers to avoid visiting Ukraine, Russia and Belarus at the moment. We recommend our customers who are presently staying in these countries to return home as soon as possible. 

We have suspended issue of policies for most insurance products, territorial cover of which includes Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. We would like to draw attention of our customers to the fact that insurance does not cover losses caused by the war situation in Ukraine. 

Due to the sanctions imposed on the financial sector of Russia and Belarus, it is difficult for us to protect our customers and help those who need our help when they are in Russia or Belarus. For this reason, if possible, we ask our customers to refrain from visiting Belarus and Russia at the moment.  

All currently valid insurance contracts will remain in force in accordance with the terms and conditions of the respective contract, however, due to the military conflict and sanctions, we may not be able to help our customers in these countries the way we would like.  

If you have a question about a specific insurance product, please read the following topic blocks. If you did not find the answer to your question, please contact us at info@if.ee or call +372 777 1211. 

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