Repair your car in a SMART way!

SMART – Small To Medium Area Repair Technology – is the process of repairing a car using specialized tools, paint, and materials on a localized damaged area.

Why to choose a SMART repair?

SMART repair avoids the need to remove or repaint the entire panel of the car, thus saving time and cost.

  • Quick and convenient

    It takes from 30 minutes to 8 hours to finish the work. The service does not need to repair or replace entire parts, which would involve disassembling your vehicle.

  • Saves you costs

    It’s cheaper than going to a traditional repair service. Repair costs has direct impact to your next insurance price.

  • Your car stays as it was

    There is no need to change the condition of the car during the repair from the situation that car manufacture has assembled it (no cutting, gluing, painting etc.).

With love for environment

This is more sustainable repair technology than original car repair and parts replacement. This way the residues are much lower, resulting in lower environmental pollution (CO2 emissions), and the impact from parts production on the environment is reduced.

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What are the SMART repair types?

Paintless dent repair

This is the method used to repair dents on a car body parts without damaging original car finish coat. The peculiarity of this method – the geometry of the damaged part is restored by mechanical influence both from the inside and outside.

This process can be applied in cases where the dent has been caused by the impact of the door of another car, hail or a light object falling on the car.

Plastic pamper repair

This technology includes repairing different plastic parts of vehicle such as pumpers or fastenings.

Spare part could have smaller scratches, pass through cracks or even some pieces missing which all are able to repair based on today´s know-how, competences, and technical tools and plastic material qualities.

Headlight repair

There are different technical possibilities and methods for repairing headlights:

  • Tab repair provided by precise car manufacture in case tab is broken
  • Removal of scratches in the screen through polishing and lacquering, polishing and using liquid polymer or polishing and using transparent film.

Replacement of the headlight glass in case the scratches are too deep to repair or glass has cracks or it´s broken.

Alloy wheels repair

Alloy wheels can be repaired by using available methods:

  • Polishing
  • Rim straightening
  • Diamond cut spot repair

It’s forbidden to weld alloy wheels if there are any cracks on the surface.

Spot repair or painting

This technology gives the possibility to focus on a specific damaged spot repair instead of repairing full part. This method can be used when parts surface (lack and paint) is damaged (e.g. scratches).

Structural parts repair

Available repair technologies can be used when spare part has smooth surface without pattern.

Interior parts repair

Method can be applied for repairing parts in your cars interior – plastic, vinyl surface, leather or velour.

These kinds of damages can be caused by brokering of glass, vandalism, sharp object, burning etc.

Windshield repair

This technology can be used whether there is a chip with or without crack damage in your windshield. The best outcome is achieved when the repair is done shortly after the accident, and a transparent sticker was used to prevent dust from entering the damaged area.

  • Chip location should not be in front of driver assistance cameras or rain sensor work areas (generally in front of rear-view mirror)
  • Diameter of chip with the cracks should be wider than 2,5 cm
  • Chip shouldn´t be closer to the edge of windscreen than 6 cm

An accident happened? Report the claim

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