7 must-have items to elevate your well-being at home

Home is the place where you spend a great deal of your time, sometimes even several days in a row. So it's obvious that the environment and climate in your house or apartment can influence your health and well-being.
From indoor plants and humidifiers to standing desks, quality mattresses, and smart home devices, the items below will help you make your living space more cozy, safe, and better for your health.

Home is the place where you spend a great deal of your time. Protect your home with If home insurance.

While it's common to associate self-care with going out for a hike, booking a spa weekend, or having a wholesome brunch with your friends, there are many things you can improve in your home to boost your vitality and comfort.

High-quality mattress for a better night's sleep

Getting quality sleep means more than just lying in your bed for at least 7 to 8 hours. A good night's rest can lead to higher energy levels the next day, better memory, and a stronger immune system in the long term. And a high-quality mattress has a lot to do with it.

Choose a mattress that gives equal support to each part of your body to avoid too much tension or even pain in certain areas. An even distribution of weight and right alignment of your neck will reduce the need to toss and turn at night, as well as may prevent you from snoring.

A high-quality mattress will also be less likely to cause any allergies and eventually will promote deep sleep and help you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated in the morning.

Indoor plants caress your soul

Who doesn't enjoy sitting in a garden or walking through a park? Green spaces seem to relieve stress, give you more air to breathe and think, and boost your overall well-being, which is why we all like to escape to nature now and then.

A similar effect can be achieved with indoor plants. You don't need to build a whole garden right away but a couple of green plants in every room will help improve the indoor air quality and reduce mental fatigue. Plus, taking care of plants can often feel rather meditative.

If you've never had a plant before or have struggled to keep it alive, choose one that isn't too demanding. A snake plant may be a good start. Not only is it easy to take care of but it's also said to attract wealth and good energy.

Indoor plants reduce mental fatigue. For greater peace of mind protect your home with home insurance.

Standing desk for works

Due to the nature of many modern-day jobs and the opportunity to work from home, a great number of people spend several hours a day sitting either at the desk, on the sofa, or in bed.

Prolonged periods of sitting are known to gradually reduce the blood flow to the brain and over time, lead to cognitive decline. But changing the position every half an hour or so may help you focus, prevent you from developing a bad posture, and allow you to get more exercise during the day.

While creating your home office around a walking treadmill or exercise bike would be ideal, it may be too much for some people. So you could buy a standing desk instead. It will make it easy to change the working position as needed and ensure you don't compromise your health while doing your job.

Forget about stuffy nose with a humidifier

If you've ever woken up with a dry nose or irritated throat and you don't feel sick otherwise, chances are it's because of the indoor air. Even people without any respiratory problems may develop these symptoms during winter when heating makes the climate in your home too dry.

Luckily, there are ways to reach the suggested healthy humidity levels of 40 to 60%. You may, of course, lower the heating and place several bowls of water around the house for that. But investing in a high-quality humidifier is a better long-term solution.

You can choose between evaporators and ultrasonic humidifiers, larger and smaller, louder, and quieter appliances depending on where you're going to place the humidifier. And if humidity is not an issue at your home but you'd still like to improve your indoor air quality, a good air purifier will be a notable investment in your well-being, too.

Better air quality with CO2 monitor

Indoor plants and air purifiers will all help you create a more cozy and pleasant environment at home. But if you really want to make sure that the climate is not just comfortable, but also safe, a CO2 monitor is your best bet.

Without a special sensor, you can't measure the level of carbon dioxide concentration in your home. The gas doesn't have any smell, and if it exceeds 1000 mg/l in a closed space, you may get a headache, experience drowsiness, or have trouble sleeping.

A CO2 monitor will help you avoid all of that by constantly measuring the indoor air quality and identifying the rooms that need to be ventilated more. This, in turn, will help you feel better and protect the health of your plants, and other members of the household.

Boost your vitality with decent juicer

Kitchen tends to be the heart of home, but also many accidents may start from there. Protect your home with home insurance.

A well-equipped kitchen is an important precondition for cooking at home more frequently and consuming a more varied, healthy diet. However, not all of us are gifted chefs or like to spend hours in the kitchen to create delicious and wholesome foods.

If that's your case, getting a powerful juicer or blender is a good alternative. You'll be able to make juices, smoothies, soups, and dips from different fruits and vegetables that you may otherwise find difficult to eat in adequate quantities.

This will help you consume enough fiber and other essential nutrients while also making it faster, easier, and less stressful to prepare a healthy snack or meal in between work and other chores.

Feel good with smart lighting

Due to the easy accessibility of electric light, we're used to extending the active part of the day and spending even the dark hours in brightness. Yet, the intensity of light usually depends on the available light bulbs and isn't always gentle on your body.

Smart lighting could, however, fix it. It not only allows you to save on energy costs by switching lights on and off automatically, but also makes it easy to adjust illumination based on your physiological needs and mood.

The color, intensity, hue, and timing of your indoor lights are all in your hands, so you can create an environment that makes you feel good. For example, gradually dimming the lights before bedtime and increasing them in the morning will help ease you into sleep and prepare for the day in a more natural way.

If Home insurance - an extra security blanket for your home

Making sure you feel at your best at home is important but so is feeling safe and secure. Sometimes the unexpected may happen - your house gets flooded, a valuable item gets stolen, or your puppy decides to make a hole in a wall. Whatever the situation, you'll feel a lot more at ease if you have your home insurance in place.

When your home and property are insured, you're not alone fixing all the damages if things go out of hand. We are right by your side. You can easily submit a claim within the If self-service profile or mobile app If Mobile Baltics.

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