5 tips to keep your cat and yourself happy

Below, we'll explore useful tips that will help you build a stronger bond with your beloved cat and ultimately improve your own happiness.
Whether you're a seasoned cat owner or have just opened your heart to a kitten, these insights will help ensure your home is a joyful place for both of you. 

House cats are some of the most affectionate and at the same time mysterious pets. They can calm our minds with their soothing purrs and rubs or act a lot more reserved and distant. We may even find it difficult sometimes to understand if our furry friend is truly happy and what we could do to create a more pleasant environment for them.

1. Spoil your cat with some toys

Cats in their nature are playful animals. They enjoy chasing balls or playing with mice because it speaks to their predatory instincts and keeps them challenged. 

For kittens, short daily play sessions are an important outlet for learning vital grown-up skills. For adult cats, it's a way to reduce boredom and maintain a healthy weight. 

Giving your cat plenty of toys to play with, such as ping pong balls, feathers, ribbons tied to a door handle, or even battery-powered toys, will keep them entertained and happy throughout the day. You may even get a puzzle feeder to make the meals more fun and challenging. 

But be sure to also spend some time playing with your furry friend yourself. Cats tend to play with other pets and people they trust, so it's a great way to strengthen your bond.

2. Give your cat their own space

A major factor affecting a house cat's happiness is their environment. Cats are fairly independent animals, so they love to have their private space where they can feel safe and comfortable. 

A cozy bed is the first level, but that may not be enough for your curious friend. See if you can attach extra cat shelves to the wall, place radiator beds, or simply free up some space for your cat to climb up and hide if they need to. Cats love heights because they allow them to oversee any potential dangers, and thus make them feel more at peace. 

Since felines can spend hours sleeping or dozing, try to create many cushioned napping spots around your house in sunshine and shade, high and low, or in your backyard if you have one. 

A good-quality scratching post is another must-have element in a cat household. Not only will it fuel your feline friend's desire to sharpen their claws but will also give your couch and carpet a few more years to live. 

3. Take care of your cat's health

A healthy cat is a happy cat. Even if your furry companion is just as playful and hungry as ever, it's essential to pay regular visits to the vet. Not only will you know if your cat's diet is healthy, but you'll also be able to protect your cat from potential diseases. 

Unfortunately, even indoor cats are victims of unwanted parasites and need to take preventive medications regularly to get rid of worms, fleas, and ticks. Your vet will be the best person to find the most appropriate prevention routine for your pet. 

One more thing you can do to keep your house cat's digestive health in check is to plant a patch of cat grass. Kittens enjoy the taste and feel of this green plant which also helps them with constipation and reduces stress.

4. Maintain your cat's space clean

Cats are animals of ultimate hygiene. They can spend half a day grooming themselves, and thus expect their private spaces to be clean, as well. 

Unless the litter box is well-kept and tidy, your furry friend will not use it and may either hold their waste and get sick or look for another cleaner spot in the house. 

Make sure you keep an eye on your companion's litter box or purchase a self-cleaning one if you prefer to skip manual work. It will help you maintain your house odor-free and your cat - mentally and physically healthy. 

5. Spend quality time with your cat

Your time and undivided attention are the two most important things you can give to your cat. Nothing will increase your furry friend's happiness as much as your presence and the activities you do together. 

If you spend most of your day outside the house, try to plan a few extra minutes in the evening cuddling with your cat while reading a book or watching TV. Joint play time will boost your pet's satisfaction and trust level even more. 

We're all busy trying to juggle work, social life, and other responsibilities on a daily basis. All of that can produce a lot of stress, but sitting down with your cat will help both of you wind down and reduce anxiety. 

The more quality time you spend with your feline companion, the better you'll get to know them, their body language, and their ways of expressing love and happiness in return. 

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