Reducing personal data in our emails and SMSs

Learn more about changes in If’s email and SMS communication. Discover why you no longer receive invoices and policies through emails and learn why specific personal data, such as your home address and car plate number, are no longer included.

We work every day to enhance your experience with If. This extends to safeguarding your personal data and ensuring data security. Therefore, we’ve initiated steps to reduce customers’ personal data in If’s communication. Have you already received an email without the usual PDF invoice attachment? Have you noticed the absence of your car plate number in our SMS messages? If so, you are aware that we are taking these steps to ensure the security of your personal data and that only you have access to it.

Why the change?

Information security and privacy are increasingly crucial topics in every industry. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), companies must ensure secure acquisition, storage, and management of customer data. This ongoing process demands constant enhancement. That is why we are refining our communication to improve the safety of If’s clients’ data.

Sending personal data in emails or SMS can intentionally or unintentionally lead to data ending up in the wrong hands. For instance, an email might be sent to an incorrect address or forwarded to a third party, jeopardizing sensitive information. To prevent this, we are implementing enhancements. These enable you to access and manage information containing personal data exclusively through secure authorization methods (Mobile-ID, Smart-ID, ID-card, internet banking).

Putting your data first

We care about the privacy of your data. To foster a safer environment for data, we are gradually implementing changes in If’s communication with our private customers. We are moving towards this by improving our emails and SMSs, continuing to minimize the presence of customer personal data within them.

If you have noticed that If’s emails are missing usual details, such as policy numbers or residential addresses, rest assured it is all part of our effort to enhance your data security. This change means we are no longer sending If’s policies and invoices as email attachments.

But where to find it all? Your data, policies, and invoices are safe within If Self-service and If Mobile Baltics. Learn more now!

What is considered personal data?

  • Name and surname
  • Personal identification number
  • Address
  • Policy number
  • Car registration number
  • Claim number
  • Etc

Safely handle your policies and invoices

All insurance-related information is and will be conveniently and easily available to you on the If Self-service and the If Mobile Baltics application. You can safely access it using one of the authentication methods, such as Mobile-ID, Smart-ID, ID-card, or internet banking. This ensures the security of your data.

Did you know that within the If Mobile Baltics app, you can:

  • View and pay your invoices
  • Manage all your If's policies in one place
  • Submit and track claims
  • Purchase new policies within minutes