Widest coverage guarantee

Having analyzed* the Casco insurance (comprehensive motor insurance) terms and conditions offered by insurance undertakings and local branches, we did all in our power to include in If Insurance’s Supercasco Lux+ package as extensive as possible selection of insurance covers available in the market.

However, keep in mind that comparing insurance terms and conditions of different insurers is a complex task and should we have missed something and you find a Casco insurance with a more comprehensive coverage, be sure to let us know - we’ll add features not included in the If Supercasco Lux+ package to your insurance contract  or, should you so wish, terminate your insurance contract and return your insurance premium in full.

The guarantee applies only with the Supercasco Lux+ insurance package. The guarantee remains valid for 30 days as from the start of the insurance period. To apply the guarantee, submit the Casco insurance with a more comprehensive insurance cover to If during the guarantee term.

The guarantee applies if insurance terms and conditions with a more comprehensive coverage are found in insurance terms and conditions that are published on the home page of an insurance undertaking or branch registered in the Estonian Commercial Register, and are applicable in Estonia during the guarantee term.

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* The analysis was carried out on March 3, 2020 as based on valid insurance terms and conditions publically available on home pages of insurance undertakings and branches registered in Estonia.