Keep on moving when your car isn't – explore our CASCO replacement car solution

Finding yourself suddenly without your daily companion — your car — can bring about more than just financial discomfort. It can disrupt the familiar rhythm of your daily life. From the morning commute to getting to the office or dropping off the kids at school, to managing those not-so-handy shopping bags from store. But know that you can avoid these stressful situations. How? Let us tell you about it.

The importance of choosing the suitable CASCO policy

Regardless of your skill as a driver, accidents on the road can happen unexpectedly. Sometimes, avoiding a collision that results in damages is simply impossible. Therefore, it's essential to protect yourself from potential financial losses that often accompany accidents.  

The way to do that is by choosing the most suitable If casco policy. Why stress the importance of the 'most suitable'? Because insurance policies and risks they cover can vary. If you can't imagine your daily activities without a car by your side, having replacement car coverage is a must when choosing a policy. So, choose wisely.

These If casco packages include "Replacement car" coverage:

  • Superkasko Extra
  • Superkasko Lux
  • Superkasko Lux+

Discover the coverage details of each casco package to find out what risks are included.

By choosing the right casco policy, you are one huge step closer to ensuring peace of mind and financial security in the event of an accident. 

Please know that you can get a replacement vehicle in the case of an insurance event, where your car is no longer in a drivable condition. This includes situations such as a traffic accident, collision with an animal, theft, and more. Read more on the casco terms and conditions.

Replacement car while your car is being repaired

When your car is in the repair shop after a casco event, having access to a rental car can be a lifesaver. This means you can get back on the road quickly and continue with your daily activities while your car is being repaired.

The rental cost of a replacement car is reimbursed from the 3rd day following the insurance event until the end of your car repair (maximum 60 days).

If having the option to get a rental car while yours is being repaired is crucial to you, it's important to check whether the casco package you've selected includes it

If having the option to get a rental car while yours is being repaired is crucial to you, it's important to check whether the KASKO policy you've selected includes it.

Taxi and other mobility solutions

If your car is undergoing repairs after an accident, but you find that being without a car for a short time is manageable, then taxi and mobility options can be a suitable choice. In this case, you can choose financial compensation instead of using a replacement car. If you don't want to drive or if a rental car isn't an option, you can choose taxi services for convenient transportation. Alternatively, you can choose public transportation or consider car sharing, a popular option nowadays, with various service providers like Bolt drive, CityBee, and others available to select from.

You can choose financial compensation instead of using a replacement car and try out other mobility options.

Moreover, for shorter distances or when navigating crowded urban areas, micromobility options like electric scooters or bicycles offer a flexible and eco-friendly alternative. By choosing financial compensation, you have free hands to find a suitable transport solution for you and your specific situation while your car is being repaired. We pay a financial compensation of €30 per day for up to 7 days (and €60 per day with the Superkasko Lux+ package).

How can I get a replacement vehicle?

Drive with confidence

Not having your car unexpectedly can be tough, but with the right casco insurance policy, you can make it easier and keep going.

Choose a package with replacement car coverage and think about other ways to get around, like rental cars, taxis, or smaller transportation options. Your insurance choice is important for keeping you calm and secure while driving, so pick carefully and be ready for anything.


Submit claims quickly and easily

Accidents happen, but with us by your side, you're never alone. We'll guide you through the process, from arranging repairs to ensuring you're back on the road as soon as possible.

And don't forget, you can easily submit a claim within If self-service or If Mobile app.

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